Where, oh where has Miss Emma gone?

One may ask why I have been so desultory in terms of social media over the last few months. The answer is simple, dear reader. Before gamboling about the aether talking about my projects, there were dues to be paid, pages to be covered, and words to be slung. In other words, book first, schmooze later. Plus, I can’t think of anything an editor would find more annoying than hearing from me how I couldn’t possibly make my deadline while it was clearly evident that I’d been all over Facebook.

But turning in book 3 means that I’ve touched the end of this trilogy, even if it was just a brief brush with finality prior to editing. After plunging headlong into this writing project, it felt strange and terrible to think of coming up for air. I got up from the computer for a breather and found myself feeling terribly solemn about the whole thing.

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