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Holloway’s The Baskerville Affair has something to do with bad dogs in Dartmoor, but why stop there? We have a prince, automatons, sorcerers, sundry pirates, talking mice, a large mechanical caterpillar, castles, ballrooms and murder. And, yes, Holmes and Watson take their turn upon the stage. What type of stories are these? They are one part mystery, two parts adventure and a wee pinch of romance.

“As Sherlock Holmes’ niece, investigating murder while navigating the complicated shoals of Society—and romance—in an alternate Victorian England, Evelina Cooper is a charming addition to the canon.” – Jacqueline Carey

“Holloway takes us for quite a ride, as her plot snakes through an alternative Victorian England full of intrigue, romance, murder, and tiny sandwiches. Full of both thrills and frills, A Study in Silks puts the punk in bustlepunk.” – Nicole Peeler, The Jane True Series

“This book has just about everything: Magic, machines, mystery, mayhem, and all the danger one expects when people’s loves and fears collide. I can’t wait to return to the world of Evelina Cooper!”–Kevin Hearne

“Holloway’s splendid first entry in her Baskerville Affair series will thrill fans of steampunk urban fantasy… the characters are thoroughly charming and the worldbuilding is first-rate.” — Romantic Times


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Fortune's Eve
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