Warm fuzzies

I got a nice appraisal in the October issue of RT Book Reviews! “Holloway’s splendid first entry in her Baskerville Affair series will thrill fans of steampunk urban fantasy.” That made me very happy, since I’m not exactly the poster girl for fitting neatly inside a genre category. Sometimes coloring outside the lines can earn one a frosty glare from reviewers if they’re of a very traditional mindset. Good for RT for accepting the book on its own terms, and many kisses to them for liking what they read. “The characters are thoroughly charming and the worldbuilding is first-rate.”

Publisher’s Weekly was also kind: “Holloway stuffs her adventure with an abundance of characters and ideas and fills her heroine with talents and graces, all within a fun, brisk narrative.”

Yes, all right, so this post is shameless self-aggrandizement. However, a little encouragement is welcome since I have a thick stack of page proofs to wade through!


  1. ediFanoB says:

    I’m sure you know that rating of A Study in Silks over at GOODREADS.
    40 reviews of a book which has not been published yet is excellent.
    Due to information from Amazon.de my copy will be delivered on 2nd of October 2013. Only four weeks to go until I can start reading.

  2. Emma Jane says:

    I don’t know a great deal about Goodreads, so I appreciate you telling me that!

    And check out the post I just put up–you only need to wait until Friday to start reading the prequel!

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