Take Five

This is kind of a fun thing I did for the Random House website – you have to say 5 things about yourself or your writing.  Here is one of them:


I made a research trip to the south of England for the series and discovered scrumpy, which is a kind of thick apple cider brewed there. I decided it was the perfect beverage for pirates or other tough, fearsome customers. I managed a pint and I could feel my organs failing within minutes—I think it could be used to clean engine parts, or perhaps dissolve them. It was at that pub the innkeeper told me a story he claimed was the original tale of The Hound of the Baskervilles. I can’t say if that was true, but the place where Conan Doyle stayed was indeed nearby.

Read the rest of the piece here:  http://suvudu.com/2013/10/take-five-with-emma-jane-holloway-author-a-study-in-silks.html

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