Of arrivals and chocolate locomotives

Mid July finds me wishing for a fainting couch and an anxious throng of domestic staff. To be clear, I always want the domestic staff, but not necessarily the couch. However, I have fallen into a boneless heap. Bring on the lavender water restorative cordials.

The third Baskerville book has been editorially blessed and has wafted over to the copyeditors for their attention—though I’m not sure a book with that many pages can actually waft. It probably rolled down the hallway on logs like a building block for an ancient pyramid, a few editorial interns puffing as they haul its juggernaut weight. No doubt some innocent mailroom clerk shall blunder into its path and be crushed. (Yes, I know it’s all done digitally but that’s not nearly as entertaining an image.)

In the meantime, I’ve been blessed with some shorts to copyedit.  Yes, readers, there shall be bonbons.

And in honour of all things steampunk and bonbon-ish (for what point are life’s landmarks without treats), here is a video dedicated to the world’s longest vintage steam train chocolate structure, displayed in Belgium: Belgian chocolate locomotive


  1. ediFanoB says:

    Today (July 23rd) is my birthday and since several years I indulge myself with a gift.
    After checking your site and reading pat of he excerpts I ordered copies of A Study in Silk, A Study in Darkness and A Study in Ashes in advance to be delivered
    I like series because I like to follow characters for more than one book. That leads me to the question if there will be more books starring Evelina Cooper.

    The chocolate train is the land of milk and honey for everyone who loves chocolate and steam engines.

  2. Emma Jane says:

    Thank you so much! I wish you hours and hours of idle entertainment and as much enjoyment as I had writing it.

    As far as future books go … that door is certainly open.

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