Lots and lots of new things!

I realize that I haven’t posted here for a bit.  I have a very good excuse – this website is getting rebuilt and will be merged with my other website. The prototype looks fabulous and this project will result in a single blog, all my publications under one virtual roof, and more effective communication all around. I’m on a campaign to simplify things so there may be other redirects and tweaks about the place, but this will result in more news getting to the right places and less of the author running from site to site like a headless chicken. Frankly, when I think “oh, I should write a post,” I get stalled when I have to decide where to put it, and then I think I should write more so that every site gets one, and I end up doing nothing. Not good, so I’m renovating.




All the old addresses will still work, though, and I’ll give lots of notice before the final move.

Other news:  proposal submitted, draft one of novel complete and about to be turned into another proposal, yet another book underway, new website on order, anthology project hatched, re-release of previous series in prep stages, assorted plans for world domination cued up.

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