Cold Vengeance & (hopefully) hot photo

My weekend highlight was finishing the latest Pendergast novel Cold Vengeance by Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston. I still enjoy this series, although I’m still waiting for one to match my enjoyment of Cabinet of Curiosities, Brimstone and Still Life with Crows. Those were exceptional. I don’t reread books as a rule, but I’m hanging onto those for a repeat after enough time has passed.

Otherwise, my time was spent in less inspired ways. I ended up doing a lot of housecleaning, laundry, and paperwork (Taxes! Ugh!). My living space now looks slightly less like a student dorm during mid-terms. On the other hand, not a great weekend for book production, although I did get out for a photo shoot on Saturday (thank you, weather gods, for the sun!). Finding a good author pic always seems to take an inordinate amount of time for me. Perhaps a new head is in order. Maybe two heads, so I can multi-task more effectively.

I also got dug in on the second Nocturne, which felt good. I have to write this one fast, so feeling settled into it is a big plus.

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