Baskerville Trilogy Celebration Contest

One of the highlights of researching the Baskerville Affair Holmesmuseumtrilogy was getting to visit the Holmes museum on Baker Street. It was a bit campy, but very fun.

I also got to go to Dartmoor and stay in the Postbridge area. It’s right near the place (in the Bellever Forest area) where Conan Doyle stayed while writing The Hound of the Baskervilles.

This is the pub on the East Dart I used for the Schoolmaster’s secret conferences. The publican (after plying me with the local scrumpy—bleh) told me “the true tale” of the Hound according to local legend.

According to our jolly barkeeper, the tale dates from the time of the temperance movement in the mid-nineteenth century. The wife of the pub’s owner convinced him toEast Dart Pub small stop selling alcohol, but since that was bad for business and no fun, the publican would meet with his friends after hours and have a pint in the cellar. When the wife discovered he’d been smuggling in drink, the townswomen rolled the offending barrels out into the streets and smashed them. Beer poured in rivers down the cobbled lane. A large wild dog that had been roaming the moors came along and drank its fill of the offending liquid. It then ran wild, mauled some sheep, and finished by drowning itself in the East Dart. An acquaintance told Conan Doyle about the incident, and the idea of a savage dog roaming the moor got folded into his tale.  Do I believe our friendly barkeep?  I don’t know. I will never trust a man who sells me scrumpy like that.

When I mention writing more books in the series, many readers ask for more of Sherlock Holmes, so clearly other people are as interested in his character as I am. During the interviews I’ve given about the Baskerville Affair series, I’ve come up with some sound bites about his appeal. So now how about YOU?  What keeps you coming back to Mr. Holmes? Leave a comment and enter my contest to win one of two $25 Amazon gift certificates.



  1. Shawn A says:

    It is just such a fascinating world that we are brought into with such interesting characters and always full of mystery and twists and turns. Love it!

  2. Colleen C. says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win when some of us do not use Facebook! 😀
    Mr. Holmes is just one of those characters that stands out through the years in books & movies… flaws and all, he just comes to life.
    Congrats on your trilogy!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    As Coleen C says, thank you for including the non-Facebook users.

    As for why I would specifically want to hear more about Mr. Sherlock Holmes- He is a complex character who keeps things interesting, but also a very reassuring character. His presence and involvement make me believe that whatever the catastrophes, they can and will be sorted out as best as logic (and a drop or two of compassion) will allow. Even if I can’t see how at any given moment…

    I’d also like to see what Evelina and Nick, and Poppy, and Alice are up to.

  4. Peggy R says:

    I just find it fascinating to step back in time, and look back to life as it was, not that long ago, when women wore long, elegant dresses, and men were a bit stuffy. English people had that air about them, yet they were always fascinating to read about. I’ve always been drawn to stories of Sherlock Holmes since I was a teenager – regardless of who wrote the story. Everyone has their own slant of the story, and that’s what makes it fun!!

  5. sandyg265 says:

    I like how he see things that no one else does. He’s sort of an early CSI team.

  6. Rob Blake says:

    I find Sherlock Holmes fascinating as a tragic hero. He is so brilliant, mentally – we are all so slow and stupid compared to how his mind constantly churns away at everything. It is a tragedy because it seems there is no one, Moriarty aside, on his level with whom he can identify and converse with on his own level. So he lectures us like school children and resorts to drugs. I have always been a huge fan, from his original adventures to the various spinoffs like television’s Elementary and Sherlock, the Sherlock Holmes movies (Law makes an excellent Watson), the new Titan Books series coming out, as well as your own works. I am anxious to read more from you – on all of the “Study” characters.

  7. christianna alexandre says:

    the essence of sherlock holmes is inextricably united with that of watson and the people around him. this strand is what i believe makes evelina in your books so attractive…what would she really be without imogen, her ‘watson’. without these sidekicks homles becomes somewhat other and unreachable, so in essence we; thru talented writing become part sherlock and part watson. it is this glue that creates the compound that once a sherlockian never lets you go. where sherlock is concerned some is good more is better!

  8. Lesa Neace says:

    I’ve been a fan for literally decades & I just can’t seem to get enough!

  9. Bonnie says:

    It is time for people to turn off all these reality shows and start reading your Sherlockian series!! I am a new covert to this series and though I am only in the middle of first book, I am already hooked! Great job!

  10. Emma Jane says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by, everyone. I find this discussion extremely interesting, especially when I’m thinking about the possibility of future books. A few people really don’t like seeing Holmes in anything but Conan Doyle’s stories, but there are obviously lots who do! I really appreciate the feedback.

    I’ll be holding this draw open until Sunday.

  11. Emma Jane says:

    And as for reality TV–absolutely, books are better. But I do admit to an addiction to Master Chef!

  12. Gayle Jackson says:

    Holmes is timeless. His stories can be set in any time frame, using different actors. I am waiting for a female Sherlock, there is already a female Moriarty 🙂

  13. Marianne says:

    I have read all three books now – WHERE IS THE NEXT? I am addicted; as I am to Sherlock Holmes. I connected with him when i was still a child and keep Holmes on my bookshelf, always. I love the wonderful continuations written by so many good writers and love you have given him a niece!! I love that and love Evelina and Nick.

    I see you have left it open with Nick and Evelina working for the Prince and Tobias now king. So I ask not IF but WHEN new books will be out. You must continue storyline – I am sure I am not alone in wishing to read more of Evelina, Nick, Imogen, Sherlock et al.

    thank you for all the enjoyable hours. I liked the paper and type used in Study in Ashes – was an easy read. And I love the LENGTH of the book – kept me in this world longer – a happy reader indeed!!

    • Emma Jane says:

      Hi, Marianne,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Happy readers are what I aim for. As for what’s next – I’m working on ideas right now. I really appreciate the support.

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