Scorpion Dawn

Book Cover: Scorpion Dawn
Part of the Hellion House series:
  • Scorpion Dawn

This book is currently available through the Rogue Skies box set.

When the prey becomes the hunter

Miranda Fletcher lives in a glittering world of aeronauts and artists, dance cards and dandies, but terror lurks outside the city walls. The countryside is infested with hungry abominations called the Unseen, and a single crack in the capital’s magical defenses invites disaster and death.

When Miranda witnesses a murder, she learns the walls aren’t as secure as the Conclave—the city’s magical protector—claims. But despite a string of bloody deaths, no one is foolhardy enough to question the Conclave, much less battle the Unseen. Except Miranda. When tragedy shatters her home, she refuses to turn the other cheek.

Sometimes the smallest creature carries the deadliest sting.