Valkyrie’s Conquest

A Dragon Lords Novella

Book Cover: Valkyrie’s Conquest
Part of the Dragon Lords series:
ISBN: 978-1-7382573-1-7

Can a dragon’s fire warm a reaper’s heart?

Tyra is a Valkyrie, a winged warrior who reaps the souls of dead heroes. Her kind experience no emotions—not joy, nor anger, nor pity for the fallen. Not even love. Yet now the powers that bind her sisterhood are weakening, and Tyra’s heart is coming to life.

Bron of the Flameborn is a dragon shifter. When he sees Tyra flying through the city night, he instantly follows. At first, he is curious—and captivated—though even as Bron melts Tyra’s icy reserve, he learns that defying the gods has its price.

War rages between Tyra’s masters and their demon foe. Bron has no part in the conflict until Tyra is betrayed, and he must take a side. But some fires are too hot to bear, even for a dragon. If he means to save Tyra, he must sacrifice all.

Second edition. Previously published in 2014 by Harlequin Nocturne Cravings

Publisher: Rowan & Ash Artistry