Long Road Home

A Corsair's Cove Companion

Book Cover: Long Road Home
Part of the Corsair's Cove series:

A promise is a promise forever…

After the tragedies of her youth, Ivy Mayhew spent a lifetime trying to rebuild her good name. Now she’s been a ghost for fifty years. She has no time for the disreputable newcomer who arrives in Corsair’s Cove. He’s a creature of the open road, and she’s bound to the past by grief.

But Bart Rollins—recently deceased biker—swore to deliver a message to his crew from beyond the grave. He’s only got hours to keep his word, and he needs her help. When he asks Ivy for haunting lessons, he unwittingly shatters the peaceful afterlife she’s constructed—and unleashes a yearning neither expects.

Don’t miss this episode in the history of the irrepressible Mayhew sisters, who turned the Jazz Age—and Corsair’s Cove—upside down.

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Is this a short story? Yes. Does it have ghosts? Yes. Is it overflowing with heart and longing and poignancy? Oh yes indeed. Sit back with a cup of tea or a tall pumpkin spice latte and enjoy this little jewel of a story by Sharon Ashwood, one of the most compassionate yet penetrating authors I've read.

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A sweet and poignant story, this may be my favourite Corsair’s Cove tale yet. Ashwood’s ghosts are somehow still full of life. And although Ivy’s story is leavened with regret, her spirit (pun intended) and courage made me want to cheer.