Crown of Fae Book Two

By USA Today Best Selling Author

Sharon Ashwood

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One lover is lying. The other will kill them all.

Tessa Harrison takes a cruise to Alaska and—just like her love life—the voyage seems doomed. The fact that her ex followed her aboard is bad enough, but this time he’s brought sea monsters.

Tessa’s former lover—who reveals himself as the Sea King of the fae—isn’t her only surprise visitor on the ship. Maxwell Stokes, captain of the ghost ship Solitude, is a guardian of the gateway between the fae and human worlds. Betrayed by the Sea King, Stokes is determined to get vengeance until Tessa disrupts his every plan. She’s fire to his ice, and the result is unexpected steam.

Tessa’s survival means unlocking a destiny she never suspected. Fiercely independent, she holds the key to both men’s future—or their eternal destruction. Both want her power. Both claim she is the only woman they desire. Which one is telling the truth?

Tessa must choose—and the wrong choice could destroy two worlds.