Crown of Fae Book 3


Sharon Ashwood

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A prince. A prisoner. The last embers of hope.
Leena was a fire dancer, as wild as her mountain home. Now she is a fae prisoner of the Shades, forced to use her powers to work her captors’ will. She obeys to protect her family, but one day she learns the Shades have enslaved her young brother in a nightmarish spell.

Rich, arrogant, and devastatingly handsome, Morran, the Phoenix Prince, is feared as a cruel ally of the Shades. Yet he is a prisoner of a different kind, cursed to forget his bloodline’s legacy of magic. His familiar is an eagle born of flames, but it is caged in a realm far beyond the known world – along with his memories, his power, and any capacity for kindness.

If Leena can break Morran’s curse, she has a chance to save her brother – but it’s been five hundred years since the spell was cast. Can she find the key to warming his heart again? And once the firebird is free, who says she’ll be able to tame him?