Virtual renovations

Few things are more daunting or more exciting than a cunning plan. Daunting, because I’m a bit short of cleverness, not to mention cunning, when faced with the world of internet technology. It outwits me on a regular basis.

That doesn’t mean I get away with ignoring it. And, unfortunately, there is only so much I can designate to other people. The sad truth is that while I can ask a technician to build a web site for me, I still have to tell them what I want to include. Now there’s a good question.

Web site? Yes, I have one already, but it was made before my Dark Forgotten series came out. With the advent of a new string of books, heroes, adventures, and the rest, I thought it was time for a makeover. What I want to know first, though, is what parts of a web page readers actually want to see. Do you care about what writing courses I can teach? Whether the text is white on black or black on white? Where do you click to first?

Answer this survey in a comment and you will be automatically entered into a prize draw for one of my books—your choice of title. If you answer all five questions, you will double your entries—yes, two chances as a reward for being thorough!

1. When you visit an author’s web site, do you look at their blog?
2. What are the first two pages you look for?
3. What pages do you ignore?
4. What turns you off about a website?
5. What features do you like so much that you bookmark a site that has them?

I’ll draw the winner in one week, so get your answers in!

This contest is also open to my newsletter group.


  1. Rachel says:

    1. Blog. Always the blog. It’s where I find out what the author thinks and does (at least as much as is suitable for public consumption).

    2. Blog and occasionally the contact page.

    3. I ignore covers and reviews (I’m not sure how typical I am)

    4. What turns me off is slow loading, too many tricksy things I have to figure out or wade through to get to the good stuff (the stories, the voice)

    5. Humour, story (in the form of blogs, occasionally excerpts), quirky, info.

  2. John says:

    1. Rarely – unless the author interests me with their prose.
    2. Books & book covers, trailers.
    3. Contact, reviews,links.
    4. Ugly color combinations, cutesy graphics.
    5. Well written, witty blogs.

    • admin says:

      Thank you very much for your input! It’s interesting that blogs are both your #1 and #5.

      I’ve received a lot of response to this survey through my newsletter and will tally the results shortly, but it seems at first glance that blogs are coming in at about 50%. Those that like them really like them, but an author’s daily ponderings are low priority for others. I personally prefer to blog less and blog better, which flies in the face of “must do it everyday” wisdom but–well, my life just doesn’t warrant a daily press release.

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