Unstructured blither time

RAVENOUS, THE UNNAMED SEQUEL has a chapter.  I finished it in a hurry last night, so I hope the ending made sense. I’m eager to be off and running and not too much revising just yet. I want to get to the good stuff before I’m looking over my shoulder.

Feel the waves of mild panic. This book is due in November. I have a prickly feeling that’s closer than I suspect.  And, just like last time, there’s probably a finance exam scheduled around my due date–for a course I haven’t started yet. And two conferences over the summer/fall. And relatives coming to stay. I won’t be bored.

Good thing summer TV looks quite dreadful – there’ll be no temptation from that quarter. Oh, don’t get me started on reality TV.  I’m not sure whose reality that is.

Of course, before I go all superior and judgmental, I did rather enjoy the one with the vampire, the witch, and etc. but that’s an easy sell to a paranormal junkie.  What was that called again?  Mad House?

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