UK Editions!

It is with great fanfare and delight that I announce the UK editions of the Baskerville Affair!  It pleases me enormously because, of course, a) the UK is fabulous b) the books are set in England and I gathered so much of the research material there and c)  best of all, there are TONS OF AMAZING READERS who are now poised to fall into my web.  Really, that’s all authors care about. Great herds of willing readers saying “fill me with words,” with shining faces turned our way and clamouring for our stories and characters . . . sigh. That is author happiness. Welcome, welcome!

The series is being released in ebook only editions through Piatkus Entice, which is somewhere under the Little, Brown umbrella. They are available for sale August 7, 2014!

Here are the covers:

silksuk darkness uk ashes uk


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