This is why they don’t trust me with pointy objects

Oh, good grief. I got my newsletter out last night but totally messed up one of the links. The correct link to sign up for my loop is here

This discussion loop, or focus group, is for those who want to hang out and talk writing, books, practical stuff, what the cat did, etc. This is new, so I don’t know how it’s going to go. What I have in mind is fairly fluid. I’m happy to talk about writing. I’ll probably ask opinions on things like the newsletter, goody bag inserts, what books readers are enjoying, and so on. And, of course, book talk.

Sadly, gave the wrong address in the newsletter. Which is a bit like inviting people to a party and pointing them to a different street. No wonder no one ever calls me to organize a wedding!

Yeah, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks in an “if it’s not one thing, then it’s another” kind of way. I’ve fallen behind in just about everything again, which then sends me into the avoidance spiral. In my defence, I had a nasty cold for about a week, but that’s thankfully on the way out. All I could do for several days was be grumpy.

Some of the grumps were with cause: I’m enrolled in the last course of a day-job educational program I’ve been working on for six years. I’m sticking it out because it’s the end, but I’m kicking and screaming inside every time I open the textbook. Not just because I really don’t care about the minutiae of the Income Tax Act (it doesn’t apply to my job anyway) but the course is badly designed and the tutor completely uninterested in doing more than the bare minimum of marking. I actually asked for extra problems to work through to make sure I understood the material and was shrugged off. This has got to be penance for something.

Besides, I’m into my next manuscript and really want to spend my time there instead. I have book 3, book 2 edits, and another project all sitting up and begging for attention. SCORCHED should be through the revisions process (this should be about SCORCHED v. 2.3) this weekend. I’m excited because I think I have the final finishing touches in mind. It just needs that last little push to be complete.

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