The voices in your head might not be yours.

Apparently it is now possible that the little voices in your head were put there by someone else. Perhaps a hack flogging breakfast cereal.No, I’m serious.

I love a piece of fun advertising as much as the next person, but this really makes me wonder. As an author, I have imaginary conversations going on in my head anyway – which brings to mind the old saw about a certain breed of lunatics becoming either a) serial killers or b) the next Joan of Arc or c) fiction writers.

However, the tech (called hypersonic sound technology) to replicate this phenomenon commercially is now available. It works by beaming sound waves that are inaudible until someone steps into their path. Apparently, hitting a solid object (such as a shopper) causes the sound waves to slow, mix, and whisper their message into the shopper’s ear. No one around them can hear, at least until they step into the beam.

Once this tech becomes mainstream, we run the risk of being yammered at by ads wherever we go.  Which of course, only ups the ante for the next new marketing ploy.

Maybe we can try hypnotic manipulation.  You’re calm. You’re getting sleepy. You’re going to buy my book now …. Three copies …. Take them to the cash desk … Now take out your credit card ….



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