Tape Measure Clock

Tape Measure ClockI do love interesting junk, which is clearly evident if you look around my house. Note that I say “look around” as opposed to “walk through” because all that interesting junk has a way of piling up and challenging my already feeble housekeeping instincts.

Anyway, a recent addition to the funky item collection is this critter. I was innocently walking by a collectibles store not that long ago and it was sitting all forlorn on the table outside. Of course it followed me home, because I have always loved timepieces and this one was unlike anything I’d encountered before. It’s a rotary clock called a “tape measure clock” (you set the time by twisting the top around until the pointer indicates the hour on the tape measure). These were made by Lux around the 1930s and this one still keeps perfect time. No plastic in this puppy. Unfortunately, it has a huge tick—kind of apocalyptic, actually—so I don’t wind it often.



  1. Frank C says:

    A glass (or clear plastic) dome over the top will both muffle the sound of the tick – and the tock – and will keep it dust free… 🙂

  2. Grant says:

    Father in law had two and left 1 to me I love to hear the ticking

  3. Donald Adams says:

    What are you asking for it?

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