Spring tonic

lavenderI’ve encountered literal spring tonics—old fashioned recipes (usually not-so-yummy) involving rhubarb, lemons and herbs. I think their original purpose was to restore a lot of nutrients depleted after a winter without fresh vegetables. Or perhaps some sort of severe retribution. In any event, I’ve added them to my list of “why not to be a pioneer,” along with wool underwear and shovelling the pig sty.

Today, we’re not so much in need of tonics for the body as for the mind. Most of us approach spring with ritual: a new haircut, cleaning closets, washing the car, and cleaning up the garden. Others go on a diet or dust off the bike. For me, it’s washing windows. Bright, clear spring light cheers me up every time. It’s like tidying up old chapters and turning the page. It’s a natural time to dream of growing new projects, letting in fresh air, and doing the world over in bright, happy colours.

This time the season has something extra for me. Those who’ve followed my adventures over the last years will recall dark tales of courses and exams. Tuesday I attended my convocation, finally putting the official seal on a financial management certificate that took me six years to complete. It does feel like springtime after a long, hard winter. It’s a relief to finally tie up that particular project, and make room for something fresh.

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