Sound the trumpets!

I’m happy to announce that a brand new Dark Forgotten novella is now available for your electronic bookshelf.

I’ve not ventured far into the indie e-wilderness, so this is a new experience for me. Huge kudos to Michele Hauf and Lori Devoti for doing the technical heavy lifting—I cannot claim to have done more than stand by with a writerly air and offer occasional applause.

Yes, I’m lucky to be making this foray in excellent company and, after reading the other entries in the volume, I can guarantee a varied and exciting tour of the vampire PNR genre. No two of these stories are the same! From very dark to highly original to scorching hot, there’s something for every mood:

Nicole Ruiz is a psi tracker, an elite vampire hunter who can shadow her quarry anywhere. Daktan is an executioner assigned by the demon king to eliminate a rogue vampire who’s killing humans. Demons might be as much her enemy as the vampires, but Nicole discovers the rogue is stronger than she expected…

ONE SOUL TO SHARE by Lori Devoti
Mermaid, Sarina Neri, is desperate to regain her sister’s soul. The sea spirit who has it wants a man who can survive in her realm, underwater, in exchange. Fortunately, Sarina has found such a man, vampire Nolan Moore. Unfortunately, Nolan wants the soul for himself.

While investigating the vicious werewolf blood games, vampire Revin Parker struggles with his attraction to the faery informant, Sabrina Kriss. Six months earlier she cursed him with an addiction to faery dust. Can they risk the desire that demands they fall in love with the one who could become their worst nightmare?

HIDDEN by Sharon Ashwood
Rafe returns to the Devries werewolf pack to rescue his people from a scheming fey beauty. Pitting his will against her wits, he plans to seduce his way free of the ice queen’s trap. But surrender means death for the fey, and little does Rafe know that he’s gambling with more than hearts… 😉

In retrospect, this book is an ideal place for Hidden. The story does not fit into the usual Dark Forgotten canon, although Darak from Frostbound puts in an appearance. It doesn’t take place in Fairview. It’s a snapshot of another community in the foothills of the Rockies (an all-werewolf ranching community) with characters I couldn’t fit into one of my usual books.

However, it is one of my stories so you’ll see a very mismatched couple trying to figure each other out under extremely bizarre conditions. Eventually sparks ignite in a good way, but only after severe property damage. Did I mention it was one of my books? I looked back and I’m not sure any of my romances go by without at least one major structure either burning down, blowing up, or getting eaten by demons. But there is sex, so not all the explosions require full body armour.

Hope you enjoy!

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