So that was winter …

First of all, another guest blog announcement – Thursday, Feb 12, I’m at and there will be another copy of RAVENOUS up for grabs.

I’ve finally managed to catch my breath.  I feel like I spent October/November racing for a book deadline, then there was snow storms and Christmas, then I spent January and up to last Saturday polishing off a course.  Last week was the exam plus the launch of RAVENOUS. Somewhere in there I changed agents. Life has been full.

One might ask why the heck I’ve been doing courses as well as writing and working full-time. Well, before I had any idea that I would actually get published, I was in a job I didn’t like much. There was an opportunity through my work to take upgrading on their dime. I grabbed the chance and started stuffing my head with finance courses.  I got a job I like much better, and I only have one more course to go before I get my certificate. It’s all good, except for the fact that going back to school–even part time–looks very different when one has been out in the real world for a while.

Rant warning:

I think the biggest thing I notice is how impatient I am. I want the facts, I want them now, and I want to know exactly what’s expected of me. I expect my tutors to be quick, courteous, and accurate. I want value for money, engaged instructors, and the means to make what I learn relevant to my job.

Apparently, I am dreaming. I don’t remember my old university being this sadly out to lunch, but this one is on a downhill slide. I’m doing correspondence, so the materials we’re provided are key to to the learning experience.  What started as a few typos in the answer key has degenerated to things like scrambled answers on the multiple-choice mid-term, references to audio-visual aids that simply aren’t there, and waiting up to a month for some basic assistance from the tutor. I’m starting to feel like I’m learning in spite of the course.

End rant.

Of course, sometimes what one learns has nothing to do with the class at hand. I recall a former music teacher who listened to my grumblings about how I was scrambling from  commitment to commitment. She said, quite calmly, “So you’re busy. That means you’re interested in things. After all, what else would you be doing with your life?”

I think about her a lot.

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