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My new web site is still not up, but I got a look at the first design draft this weekend.  Very nice! It’s striking and clean.  I can’t wait for it to be ready.

And …. RAVENOUS came back for edits.  I can tell what I’m doing for the next week or so.  Although there’s not a lot written there by my editor, I want to have a thorough read-through myself. By the time I galloped to the deadline and turned it in, I was exhausted. That’s never the optimum state for polishing. I’ve not looked at it for a couple of months, so I feel much more able to nit-pick with a fresh eye.

Seeing the manuscript reminded me of a bunch of stuff I meant to do in book 2 but neglected to work into the plot. Oops.  At least I remembered it early enough to fix that, or poor Holly would have to wait for the next go-round to solve this particular issue.

What else?  Lots of stuff to do with the business side of writing.  Packaging and promotion is such a monumental part of what authors do, it could be a full time job on its own. I need staff. Grabbing the odd holiday day isn’t enough, at least until I can teach the cats to stuff envelopes.  Sadly, the first thing Evil Kitty did when encountering a neatly tape-and-tyveked envelope was chew holes in it.  Not really the right instincts for good office admin, though perhaps he’d make a decent reviewer.

Good thing for him that he’s cute.

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