Put this slime monster in your motor and burn it



Last month, Fox news reported that the gurus in Silicon Valley are working on a number of projects around what they call renewable petroleum.  The basis of this new industry is using genetically-altered bacteria to consume agriculture waste and transform it into crude oil.  This seemed so much like a hoax, I hunted around for more sources and, sure enough, there are other reports about this sort of thing. It’s not a joke.

The good news is that this would turn a finite into a renewable resource, thus relieving considerable economic pressure.  The bad news is that this doesn’t motivate the Powers That Be to get busy with non-carbon-producing forms of energy. Still, you have to hand it to these folks for coming up with an innovative idea. Oil-producing bacteria wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind when pondering the energy crisis.

Of course, these are tech guys. They don’t live in the real world. Anyone familiar with school children knows that germs are not containable.  Ever.  

These bugs eat organic material. The world is one big organic cookie jar. Well-fed bacteria reproduce. I hope these tech guys are familiar with your basic horror film, because the results of this equation look very black and slimy.  I do not want to become part of an oil patch before my time.

Given the option, I would prefer a more showy apocalypse. Something drier, with gargoyles.

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