Progress Report

So much to do, so much to do. The cover copy for all 3 books is up now (yay!). Plus, I’ve been getting some very nice blurbs in from other authors. To say that I am so very grateful is a vast understatement, and I’ll be unrolling those as things go along.

Here is where we are:

Book One: in the page proofs stage.  That is, me proofreading the typesetter’s work. They’ve done a few interesting things with the interior design, which is cool.

Book Two: in the second round of edits, which must be done today Or Else.

Book Three: on the workbench.  I am loving the opening which, of course, may or may not end up as the actual opening.

There are also related shorts coming out, and three out of four are complete. Only one is what I would legitimately call short, though. I write long, and short stories always end up like puppies with big feet–they keep growing and growing in the most alarming way.

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