New season, new series!

This past weekend, I celebrated the Canadian Thanksgiving with extra gusto (and an excess of pumpkin pie). As well as the usual general feelings of turkey-day well-being, I have something very concrete to be thankful for—a contract for a new book series!

In good journalistic fashion, here are a few particulars:

Who: The series will be brought to you by the Harlequin Nocturne imprint.

What: This is straight-up, toasty-hot paranormal romance involving vampire/werewolf super-spies, lost diamonds, and royal feuds. Of course there is a lot of humour in it, because this stuff just begs for one-liners. I mean, really.

Where: The action is split between North America and the Mediterranean. Stay tuned for moonlit palaces.


When: No release dates scheduled yet.

Why: Because it was there. This series has a lot of fantasy elements—big houses, exotic locations, car chases, impossibly gorgeous men—and writing it is a bit like indulging every girlie daydream out there. I actually had to go buy wedding magazines for research purposes.

How: Mostly sprawled on the couch with my laptop and a lot of Scottish Breakfast tea.

Of course I’ll post more information as things firm up, but for now I’m thrilled to be able to announce the series is coming!

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