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I’ve been prodded to give some more info on what’s happening with my series.  So sorry I’ve been slow off the mark!  Here is the latest: the next two Horsemen books are POSSESSED BY A WOLF and POSSESSED BY THE FALLEN. They are written and turned in. Release dates are May and July of 2015, but of course these are subject to change.

WOLF features (of course) Faran Kenyon and Lexie Haven, and I really adore this book! They’re such great characters and an impossible couple. But talky. They wouldn’t shut up. Nevertheless, it has my favourite ending of any romance I’ve written and, no, I won’t say why.

I turned in FALLEN at the very end of August and I have to say I’ve been in recovery mode. I wrote 7 books in short order and was a little burned out by the end of it. Since then, I’ve been catching up on life things–appointments, visiting, cleaning, and whatnot–while I’m thinking about what comes next and writing down ideas for new characters.



  1. Ursula says:

    I loved the seris of the Horsemen. Look very much forward to the release of the next two books.

  2. Shelia E says:

    Love the Horsemen series cannot wait to read the other two have been waiting it seems forever to get information on when the next book would ve coming out, thank you so much for the entertaining and wonderful Horsemen series it is A1 in my book. Keep the stories coming.

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