Secret Seed

Corsair's Cove Orchard Series Book 2


Sharon Ashwood

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Haunted by the past, hunted in the present

Haley Struthers crashes her car just outside of Corsair’s Cove. She’s not the only victim of the wreck, but she’s the sole witness who can identify the hit-and-run driver—if only she could be sure of her memories. Did she really glimpse her ex at the wheel?

A reluctant psychic, Sam Wilson knows all about seeing things. He left the ghost-ridden Cove long ago, but he’s back to try his luck in an antique auto rally. Why take the risk? He desperately needs the prize money. But the same crash wrecks his antique car—his dreams—and critically injures his best friend. The moment he suspects Haley knows something about it, Sam is determined to get answers—even if that means making her his rally partner and hitting the road in a haunted 1926 Packard.

But nothing is ever simple in Corsair’s Cove. Sam is dragged into a deadly—and occasionally ghostly—drama that upends his footloose life. And then there’s Haley, who wants to put down roots as deeply as Sam yearns for the open road. Rationally, they’re two opposites who should never be together. Yet while Sam believes in the impossible, it takes Haley to make him want it…