Fragile Magic

Fragile Magic

A Dark Forgotten Short Story


Sharon Ashwood

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No furry friend is too unusual.

The sign on the local veterinarian clinic should be warning enough. Fine art dealer Selina Pearson doesn’t embrace the extraordinary, or messy, or chaotic, and the last thing she needs is the injured baby gargoyle she rescues from the cereal display in the grocery store.

Dr. Jake Hallender is a smoking hot veterinarian and leader of the local werewolf pack. Selina’s focused on her career in a prestigious art gallery, but Dr. Jake’s bedside manner is a masterpiece in itself. Things go from frisky to fabulous before she can summon the will to refuse.

But bliss only lasts so long. Jake is the healer, but his pack needs Selina’s fey talents to thrive. Revealing her powers will cost Selina everything, and then what? Can she trust the fragile magic they’ve built between them?