Kitchen Toyz!

Kitchen toys are great fun.

My favorite has to be my Cuisinart coffee maker. This would be because, without coffee, there is no existence. My shiny friend grinds the beans every pot. I load it the night before so that a mere push of the button is all that is necessary for life to flow back into my shivering, semi-comatose body every morning.

I also like my timer that looks like a skull. Very Hamlet.

There’s also my avocado knife, egg slicer, the pan for cooking ladies’ fingers, a device for making tortilla salad bowls … the list goes on. I love to cook. More specifically, I love to accumulate cooking gear (not that I have room for it in my closet-sized kitchen). I have been known to carry on long-distance communications regarding the acquisition of the right frying pan (which was just right, in case you read this, o cousin mine).

A new city means finding new cooking shops and when I discovered Sur la Table on a visit to Portland, well, it was a love match. I got the cutest bright red colander, just the right size for a few cups of blueberries. How could I leave it behind?

Why does this stuff turn me on? I think because a) I like food and b) the kitchen is symbolic of well-being. Parties end up in the kitchen. Togetherness happens around a table. It’s warm and bright and nurturing. It’s only natural to equip it with amusing, useful, and sometimes just indulgent doodads.

My current home improvement project is to put in a stainless steel backsplash, which is going to make the work area look 100% better given the current surface is old, peeling wallpaper. I’m taking before and after pictures. I’ve left the kitchen upgrade until last because of the disruption involved, but it may be the one I appreciate the most!

Has anyone else redone their kitchens? Any words of advice or war stories?


  1. Rachel says:

    I wish I needed a timer so I could get a Yorick one. Alas, my mother-in-law’s old plastic Robertshaw one still works perfectly well, even though it did get a little too close to the heat once and now lists a bit to starboard.

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