Where, oh where has Miss Emma gone?

Emma Jane Holloway
May 8, 2013  •  No Comments

One may ask why I have been so desultory in terms of social media over the last few months. The answer is simple, dear reader. Before gamboling about the aether talking about my projects, there were dues to be paid, pages to be covered, and words to be slung. In other words, book first, schmooze later. Plus, I can’t think of anything an editor would find more annoying than hearing from me how I couldn’t possibly make my deadline while it was clearly evident that I’d been all over Facebook.

But turning in book 3 means that I’ve touched the end of this trilogy, even if it was just a brief brush with finality prior to editing. After plunging headlong into this writing project, it felt strange and terrible to think of coming up for air. I got up from the computer for a breather and found myself feeling terribly solemn about the whole thing.

Another milestone

Emma Jane Holloway
May 7, 2013  •  No Comments

Turned in the first iteration of book 3 in one of those last moment, race to the finish scenarios. Thanks go to the Beta Crew, Captain Cat in particular for the real-time editing.

I know there is a lot more work to come, but I love the ending, if I do say so myself.

Project round-up is:

  • Book 1 – done
  • Book 2 – waiting for page proofs
  • Book 3 – waiting for round 1 edits

Progress Report

Emma Jane Holloway
February 24, 2013  •  No Comments

So much to do, so much to do. The cover copy for all 3 books is up now (yay!). Plus, I’ve been getting some very nice blurbs in from other authors. To say that I am so very grateful is a vast understatement, and I’ll be unrolling those as things go along.

Here is where we are:

Book One: in the page proofs stage.  That is, me proofreading the typesetter’s work. They’ve done a few interesting things with the interior design, which is cool.

Book Two: in the second round of edits, which must be done today Or Else.

Book Three: on the workbench.  I am loving the opening which, of course, may or may not end up as the actual opening.

There are also related shorts coming out, and three out of four are complete. Only one is what I would legitimately call short, though. I write long, and short stories always end up like puppies with big feet–they keep growing and growing in the most alarming way.


Emma Jane Holloway
December 18, 2012  •  No Comments

There is nothing quite so motivating as a goal post, and now I have actual release dates for the books. Yippee! and Yikes!

In other news, my second short story is accepted and the third begun. These are meant to be promo pieces for ebook extras, but they’re turning into actual incidents in the overall plot arc, so we’ll see how that works out.  This is the down side of having a lot of interesting secondary characters…given half a chance, they seize the limelight. I thought the short story idea was perfect for giving them their fifteen minutes, but noooooo–they have to take over the whole freaking storyline and then hand it back all rumpled when they’re done.

We haz titles!

Emma Jane Holloway
December 12, 2012  •  No Comments

The series will be called: The Baskerville Affair

The individual books will be titled:

Book One: A Study in Silks

Book Two: A Study in Darkness

Book Three: A Study in Ashes

I’m very, very happy with these titles. For one thing, now I get to curse the manuscripts in much more specific terms.

Edits for Book #2 are back

Emma Jane Holloway
December 5, 2012  •  No Comments

And in record time. The box was waiting for me when I got home with my manuscript inside – and a lot of work to do!

I go through what must be a fairly typical cycle when I read the editorial comments. At first, outrage at being so egregiously misunderstood, and then I calm down enough to actually read the notes properly. Then they’re either not as bad as I thought, or not as good as I thought. This results in tea, self-pity, resignation, gloom. Then comes resignation, hope, determination and–after many tiny violins–actual work.

Of course, once I actually do the edits and realize the editor was right, then I wonder what all the fuss was about. Writers are such odd beasts!