Crown of Fae Book 1

Book Cover: Shimmer
Part of the Crown of Fae series:

Coming in 2019!


Three wishes, two warriors, one chance at redemption

Fae martial artist Alana Beech makes a decent living until a rigged fight ends her career. When her best friend and teammate is killed during the same bad match, Alana’s demands for an investigation fall on deaf ears. Then a last-chance job offer lands her at Comfy Chair Books and Collectibles, where she finds a magic lamp in a box of junk. Inside is a smolderingly handsome genie who can help her get justice—as long as the bad guys hunting for the lamp don’t catch them first.

Ronan, Prince of Bright Wing, is the dragon general imprisoned during an invasion of the fae homeland. He’s the genie bound to the lamp and forced to grant three wishes to every comer. But then Alana finds the lamp, and she’s unlike any master he’s had before. She wants nothing from him he doesn’t want to give.

Alana’s search for answers stirs up powerful enemies, both in her world and in Ronan’s. She’s a brave warrior, but these are major players. And when her unusual partnership with Ronan turns passionate, they have even more to lose. The only weapons they can count on are their love and trust in one another—and there’s not much a girl can’t do when a dragon has her back.


The column of smoke grew thicker and paler, until a form began to emerge—muscular limbs, a face, and then a leather tunic sewn with dark, overlapping metal scales. Armor, Alana guessed, but a style that had gone out of fashion along with spears and chariots. Spooked, she scrambled to a respectful distance.

The man materializing before her was tall, extraordinarily so, with collar-length dark hair. He was an experienced warrior—that much was plain from the way he stood, feet apart and balanced on the balls of his feet. He carried no weapons, but something said he didn’t need them. Those large hands, arms roped with muscle, could easily take care of business. He tilted his head, considering her with eyes dark as obsidian. Everything about him screamed fae—one with a depth of power she’d never seen before.

Then he swept a low bow, one hand rising to cover his heart. “Your wish is my command, mistress.”

Alana’s mouth fell open. “Say that again?”


He rose slowly, impatience flashing in his eyes. “Your wish. My command.”

“Okay…” She wondered if she looked that way when a customer asked a stupid question. “Who are you, and what were you doing in my lamp?”

Reviews:Amelia on wrote:

5 Stars - There is originality all throughout the first book in
the Crown of Fae series. Characters have their own
distinct capabilities and personalities, while the
premise is uniquely imaginative. The history about
the various tribes that make up the fae intrigued
me, and how past battles shaped the future of these
fascinating beings was cleverly plotted. Sharon
Ashwood has come up with an inventive storyline
for her paranormal romance, where possible scenarios
could turn deadly or lead to lasting happiness.

Eva on Stormy Vixen's Book Reviews wrote:

5 Stars - This fairy tale romance is one exiting read that has readers’ dreams and imagination taking flight. Ronan and Alana are strong, spirited characters that readers just can’t help but fall in love with, they easily draw readers to them and thrill them with an adventure and romance of a lifetime. The romance is sweet as Ronan becomes captivated with the feisty Alana when she refuses to make her wishes and the more he learns the more the chemistry burns and the attraction sizzles.

The story is fast paced and full of thrills and excitement as Alana investigates the death of her friend and ends up on the wrong end of some heavy duty enemies that just happen to be Ronan’s enemies as they battle from Alana’s world to the fae world and back again with some stunning magical battles. Surprising twists keeps readers on their toes and there’s never a chance to become bored as this fairy tale romance takes flight on a magic carpet ride that readers can’t help but enjoy.