Back to–um–reality

Okay, so the decorations are down, the new calendars up, the fridge cleaned out, and today was back to the day job. Here’s the holiday in review:

Most boring task over holidays:  cleaned closets and caught up on schoolwork.
Most time spent:  online sorting out book promotion and/or shovelling driveway
Best present:  Grind and brew coffeemaker from mom

Best unexpected treat:  Demon kitty consented to sleep in my lap
Worst moment:  Outlook going spazz and mailing multiple copies of newsletter
Best social:  New Year’s Eve
Best food discovery: olive tapenade
Main writing accomplishment:  drafted two book outlines
Main writing surprise:  one outline for a book I didn’t expect
Best read: Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl
Biggest disappointment:  having $, going to the mall, and finding nothing to buy
Biggest relief: Car repair half of what I expected
Best warm fuzzy:  5-ribbon review from Romance Junkies

And let’s just say that back at work there was plenty to keep me from getting bored …

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