Auto love

I’m not a car person.  If I pop the hood, all I see are dark, greasy, and vaguely frightening shapes. On a good day, I can add washer fluid.

So it was an interesting process dealing with characters who were definitely into their rides. Lots of eye-rolling and heavy sighs as I made inappropriate vehicular suggestions. For Alessandro and Mac, I ended up flipping through millions of pictures on auto sales sites until I found the right cars.


Alessandro needed something flashy but classic at the same time. He drives a a red two-door T-Bird with custom chrome and smoked windows.  No sun roof for a vampire. He bought it new in the 60s and maintains it himself, so it’s in excellent condition.  He never locks it. Only an idiot would touch something that was his. If you tried to eat take-out in it, he might snap your neck.


Mac is a lot less uptight about—well, everything really. He has a black two-door Mustang. He likes her a lot, does the basic maintenance himself, but doesn’t have a lot of time to fuss. He’s not a perfectionist, and spilled coffee only matters if you get burned.


Holly drives an ‘87 Hyundai Pony.  I gave her that because I had one at the time and it fulfilled the same requirements she needs: cheap to run, amazingly reliable, and no one would ever think of stealing it. It has manual everything but there’s no question that it will start every time and keep going till it runs out of fuel.  Reliable and low-maintenance. What more can a girl ask?

I miss my old Pony sometimes. It was my first car and took me through a lot of adventures. Once its excellent handling saved my bacon when a logging truck lost its load right ahead of me on the highway.  It finally started to wind down and it wasn’t easy to get some parts any more, so I traded it in on a Saturn. I like the newbie, but after 20 years together I sometimes feel like a traitor for letting the old faithful Hyundai go.

Do other people have special memories about their first ride?

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