Anyone out there know music sites?

I’m going crazy. I need help.

Last night I logged into a site called It was recommended as a place to find independent music. It looked good in theory—give them a bunch of artists you like, and the system provides recommendations based on your tastes. I did that, and it gave me…nothing to do with my list, unless Dead Can Dance has a relationship with Pavarotti that I don’t know about. Nothing at all against Luciano, but I’m already all stocked up on opera.

Okay, I have picky but broad tastes. I like early music and classical but I also like heavy metal. I’m not a jazz fan. I love Celtic. Country, in my mind, is best experienced outdoors with beer. However, for writing, I like something a bit dark.

My selections of late have been:
On Thorns I Lay
Dead Can Dance
Lacuna Coil
Nox Arcana
Midnight Syndicate

And I’d really like to add something new to the mix. Can anyone recommend some albums and/or a music site that is geared in this direction? I just don’t have time right now for endlessly searching, so I’m begging …


  1. Candace says:

    have you tried Pandora Radio ( You put in a song or band that you like and they create a radio station for you that plays music they think you will like, based on the song/artist that you entered.

  2. admin says:

    I’ve not heard of, but I’m sure going to check them out A custom radio station–how cool. Thanks so much!

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