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Those who have been following my Horsemen series know that there is a big wedding involved. To celebrate the grand finale of the series, I’m giving away this handcrafted, one-of-a-kind memory book. My favourite feature is the cutaway bird design in the back, but as you can tell there’s not an inch of this cover, inside or out, that doesn’t have something beautiful. To enter to win this treasure, leave a comment below with your favourite celebration memory–it doesn’t have to be a wedding, but just something you’d like to share! This draw is open until July 11, 2015, midnight PST.

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  1. Brenda Dickson says:

    My favorite celebration memory was my 40th birthday surprise party. I never saw it coming and that is what made it my favorite.

  2. Beverly Gordon says:

    id have to say my favorite e celebration memory would have to be the first birthday i shared with my nephew we are born 5 days apart so was the best birthday i could ask for was haven him come home on my birthday the following year we celebrated with cake and ice cream and have been doing so ever since

  3. Diane Castiglione says:

    My husband surprised me for our 25th anniversary, He took me to the most beautiful Tahitian restaurant with Tahitian dancers and meanl.

    • admin says:

      The very first birthday I can remember was at a Polynesian restaurant–I think I was about five or six and completely blown away. I still remember the sparklers on the cake!

  4. June M. says:

    My favorite celebration memory was my grandparents 50th anniversary wedding renewal. It was so great to have their 11 children and dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren, along with other friends and family.

  5. Peggy R says:

    There are so many that come to mind, but one that sticks out in my mind happened the first year I was married. My Husband wanted to do something extra-special, so to celebrate my Birthday, he pulled out all the stops, and planned a surprise camping getaway for the two of us and the dog, which turned out to be the best trip of my life!! My Husband planned the trip down to the last detail, and it was not only exciting and fun, but it had its’ share of romance, too!! He did a terrific job, and although my Parents were disappointed that they couldn’t share the joy of my Birthday with me in person, they at least spoke to me on the phone. I would do it again in a heartbeat, if given the chance to do it again.

  6. Debra says:

    It was the day that my son and daughter who are 4 years apart in age both graduated from college. My daughter went straight through my son had to work and go at night. All of us are USA alumni. Just a proud Momma moment

  7. Vera Richmond says:

    April 1,2015, I married my boyfriend of 15 years. My daughter Charity performed the ceremony at our house. A family party following on the next Saturday.

  8. debbi shaw says:


  9. Ms. Dean Young says:

    I love Memory books aka unique journals. I would love to have one to use with many events coming up this coming year, within the next year I will be retiring and moving back to my home towm where my daughter and granddaughter live, and where my husband will be moving to in November. A lot of changes coming up and excitement.

  10. Anita K says:

    It was after my cousins wedding in Maine. We, the extended family, spent the next on a private beach. It was bliss.

  11. Leni says:

    The birthday party we were able to put together for my sister because she had no clue. Everyone was able to come and we decorated the place and fixed some great food. The look of surprise on her face was well worth it.

  12. Pat Freely says:

    There are many memories of special events, the latest one was my nephew’s Confirmation. All our family was there. A few days later he was honored by the Anaheim Angels as an AVID scholar and given a computer. He is on track now to receive a scholarship.

  13. Jai Clark says:

    When I married my husband our honeymoon was in downtown Anchorage. Right outside our window was Fur Rendezvous Eskimo blanket toss. It was great to watch from a warm place inside and some jumped so high their head passed our window.

  14. Juliette Fong says:

    my niece’s first Easter brunch, she was just over a year old & hadn’t been walking yet and wore the lavender & pastel colored dress I bought her. While we in line waiting I could tell her impatience/hunger would soon lead to tears so I scooped a few milk/creamers from the nearby wait station and we slowly sipped on a few. I explained to her the were Samantha-sized cups of milk, it kept her occupied and gave her belly enough to keep her satisfied.

  15. Sharon Baker says:

    I recentLy hooked up with an old flame. We celebrated my 70th birthday together. It was great.

  16. Kristi Price says:

    Actually, my favorite celebration moment was today. Today I found out that I am gonna be a grandma for the first time and I am so excited and happy. My little love muffin is 8 to 10 weeks old, hooray! The memory book is incredibly beautiful, thanks so much for the chance to win it! xoxo

  17. Susan Underbrink says:

    Many years ago I was an AFS foreign exchange student to Stockholm Sweden, last year was my little Swedish brother’s 50th birthday and we were able to make it for his party. That experience changed my life and opened my eyes to the world. Made life long friends and a 2nd family. My kids call my Swedish parents mormor and morfar (grandma and grandpa). They are cherished forever in my heart. Hopefully many more memories of good times together in our future.

  18. MissBetty says:

    Very beautiful. Great for journaling the memories of summer.

  19. Suzie Quebedeaux says:

    My favorite memory at a celebration was at my wedding almost 20 years ago. It was in a very small country church at a local tourist attraction in Lafayette, LA (my hometown). My Dad was walking me down the isle and seeing the love of my husband gazing at me still makes my heart flutter. I hired a friend of mine to sing , I Swear by John Michael Montgomery. Little did I know that my brother in law and the singer were high school wrestling team mates. Another kicker was when we turned around to walk back down the isle the church was packed and we couldn’t figure who they were (we had only invited close family and 2 friends). We found out it was a tour bus from France. They did’t know it was a real wedding. They thought it was a re-enactment of sorts. So now there are Canadians with our wedding on video!

  20. Mary Preston says:

    We recently celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday. She is independent and strong. She is the one knitting for the “poor old dears” at the nursing home. (Some 30 years her junior.)

  21. holdenj says:

    We recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. What made it special was returning to the same restaurant we had been at on our big day! Our in-laws, and the kids presence, was the icing on the cake.

  22. Julie Parrish says:

    We just celebrated the birth of our first grandchild 4 months ago. He has brought such joy to all of our lives.

  23. Dawn Roberto says:

    My fave celebration memory occurred last year when I turned 40. My honey got together with my family to throw me a surprise bday party and somehow he managed to keep it a secret till we got there. What a great surprise and the party with all my nearest and dearest friends/family was just wonderful.

  24. Nan says:

    My brother’s wedding in the Ice Hotel in Canada was decidedly different and really fun. The chapel was also made of ice and we toasted the bride and groom with champagne in glasses made of ice.

  25. Earlene Gillespie says:

    My fav memory is taking my parents out to their choice of restaurants for their birthdays and mother’s and father’s day. My dad always wanted IHOP, and my mother loves pizza.

  26. I think that my favourite celebration memory has to be my daughter’s wedding. It was the only one my late husband was able to attend and, even though he looked desperately ill, he had the time of his life rolling down the aisle with her to give her away.

  27. Angie says:

    Mine would be the day my grandson was born!

  28. Sandra M. says:

    My favorite celebration was our wedding reception. It was a formal affair, but the air conditioner was broken in the reception hall, so we all let our hair down, threw all the doors open and kept on dancing. Everyone had a great time and no one complained.

  29. bn100 says:

    celebrating Thanksgiving with family

  30. Eva Millien says:

    I was expecting to deliver my child, I had just visited the Doctor who told me it was getting close but he would see my next week. Me and my Mom was putting the finishing touches on the nursery and she asked me “what is your gut feeling, it is a boy or a girl?” I replied “A very stubborn little girl…tonight!” I didn’t have contractions, the only way the nurses knew I was having them was through the monitor but sure enough,she was born at 5am on June 13, the only Friday the 13th of that year. She’s grown with a daughter of her own now but she’s still one very stubborn girl.

  31. Diane Sallans says:

    It would have to be my nephews wedding – a most joyful day – and the last time the whole extended family was together with remembrance of those who were no longer with us.

  32. dina s says:

    my daughter school graduations from preschool

  33. Toni Whitmire says:

    My favorite memory is when I went to the wedding of a cousin I haven’t seen in years a caught the wedding flowers.

  34. Debi Scott says:

    My favorite memory is my 48th birthday. My children had a surprise birthday dinner for me at one of my favorite restaurants. In 48 years, this was the very first time I had a birthday party. The fact that my children would go to the effort to have a surprise birthday dinner for me meant the world to me.

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