A bit of a side-trip

Yesterday was fascinating – I went to a friend’s house and played recording engineer/the monkey pushing the buttons while other people worked, however you want to look at that.  Once upon a time I played with a band, and so had some mic stands, a decent mic, cables, etc.  With the addition of a  mixer and a laptop with podcasting software, I was a portable recording unit. If I only knew how to use half the stuff, I’d be in business.

Anyway, add two actors and we were recording promo stuff for Scorched. A big, huge, sloppy thank you to both of them for being patient with me and their willingness to play the were-cougar DJ, Errata, and the FM Guy. Lunch was the least I could do!

My only question was why I was exhausted afterward, when all I did was sit around and try and look intelligent underneath the headphones? Did you really think I was actually turning any of those buttons on the mixer?

The results of all this will land on the website eventually … stay tuned!

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