Ten ways to know if you’ve read too much PNR

Sharon Ashwood
February 8, 2014  •  No Comments

1. You’re vaguely disappointed when your date has a tan
2. Staking your roses takes on a whole new meaning
3. You know the moon phases the way others know what’s on TV
4. You scream when you catch your kid with foamy toothpaste mouth
5. You wonder which of your classmates discovered the New World
6. You can’t bring yourself to buy silver jewelry
7. You only drink merlot
8. You worry about the guy who lives in the basement apartment and works nights
9. You fantasize about the guy who lives in the basement apartment and works nights
10. A story with strictly human characters seems . . . just wrong.

Fun Find

Emma Jane Holloway
February 4, 2014  •  2 Comments


I was trundling through the countryside and spotted an intriguing looking junk–ahem–antique shop. As I have no willpower in these matters, I stopped to have a look.  See what I found!  The cutest possible cast iron doorstop.  And how can it be metal, antique, and a mouse and not be Evelina’s Mouse?

The Demon Lord of Kitty Badness Speaks

Sharon Ashwood
February 3, 2014  •  2 Comments

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Superiority—by which I mean being feline—is a burden. For one thing, I’m obligated to observe the staff struggling with meaningless day-to-day activities while my needs go unmet. Case in point:  the Human Entity plays on the keyboard while my food bowl has been empty for FIVE ENTIRE MINUTES.

Nevertheless, I am a compassionate lord. I assist with the keyboard, mostly by blocking it from view. I can do this with the television also.

There are times I wonder how many great works of literature have been assisted by kindly efforts such as these. Humans owe so much to their protectors. In fact, I see a paper product stalking the house. I will immediately stalk it through the hallways, ripping shreds from its hide until there is nothing left but softly quilted entrails, which the Human Entity then collects while cursing like the peasant she is.

It is sad to lead such a life as mine, wherein the most heartfelt service is cuttingly ignored. Pity my wounded yet noble spirit.

Until later, my treasured devotees.




John Golden: Freelance Debugger by Django Wexler

Emma Jane Holloway
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John Golden Freelance Debugger

I picked this story up because I was aching for something fun and quirky and entirely different from what I’ve been reading lately. This fit the bill admirably. And, since I’ve always suspected that computers are inhabited by otherworldly forces (possibly maleficent) and that IT specialists are a peculiar species of wizard, the premise of the tale did not overly strain my willing suspension of disbelief.


The best thing about this story is the narrative voice. It’s told in first person by the main character (John Golden) with editorial footnotes by his non-corporeal sister and business partner, Sarah. The footnotes introduce an interesting rhythm to the text, creating a comic timing to the punchlines. At its best, the tone is snappy, smart and very funny. Occasionally it flirts with excess, maybe throwing in one footnote too many, but that’s a small transgression given the overall quality. The plot is not overly complex but substantial enough to carry this short piece and showcase the world and the highly entertaining personalities in it.


Would I revisit this world? Absolutely. This isn’t the same old, same old.


Ash Rooks – a Portrait of Gwilliam

Emma Jane Holloway
January 19, 2014  •  No Comments


The young and talented Bashcat contributes this wonderful portrait of the ash rook Gwilliam. I love the crown of feathers. Who better than a bird to wear a faux hawk?blackbirdleah1001


Emma Jane Holloway
January 3, 2014  •  No Comments

The winning comment on the guest post by Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Writer/Creator of Boston Metaphysical Society Comic was Elaine, who won a book from The Baskerville Affair trilogy. Congratulations!

Grand Prize Winner

Emma Jane Holloway
January 1, 2014  •  No Comments

The last (for now) winner is Mary Ann D., who won the $50 Amazon gift certificate as the grand prize for my A STUDY IN ASHES book promotion. Thanks so very much to all the wonderful contributors and commenters through December. I had a great time and “met” some fabulous people!

Happy New Year, and onward and upward to 2014!

The SteamAble Wheelchair Project

Emma Jane Holloway
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News of this amazing project came to me from Bruce Rosenbaum, who asked that I help spread the word about what ModVic is up to. I couldn’t think of a better way to begin 2014.


The SteamAble Wheelchair Project:

We want to modify a wheelchair to take it from ‘functional’ to ‘awesome’.  It is our belief that this highly customized wheelchair will help the recipient Kyron, the 14 year old boy with Muscular Dystrophy who inspired this project.  It will help him gain confidence in his interactions by changing the focus of the conversation and expressing his uniqueness and individuality through his assisted living device.  We will customize a second wheelchair to help raise money for other adults and children who also depend on assisted living technology.

ModVic works with clients all across the country to take personal, meaningful objects, creatively combining them with relevant and cool period objects and machinery to transform the ordinary into incredible Steampunk functional art. The Steampunk art and design process celebrates history, while setting a path for a re-imagined better future — telling the personal stories of individuals, families, organizations and places.

Recently, we have turned our attention to helping children with autism and also assisted living devices as a way of improving people’s lives through art, history and technology. We were inspired to modify this wheelchair by Kyron, who depends on assisted living devices every day.

See the full project description and fundraiser on Indigogo Here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-steamable-wheelchair-project 


Emma Jane Holloway
December 31, 2013  •  No Comments

The winner of a copy of Chasing the Star Garden, Melanie Karsak’s fabulous new ebook, is Diana H!  Happy New Year!


Emma Jane Holloway
December 30, 2013  •  1 Comment

The winner of the draw from Bruce Rosenbaum’s guest post is Tempest and the prize is one book from the Baskerville Affair Trilogy. Congratulations!

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